Yard sign regulations sparking debate


In The Woodlands lawns aren't littered with signs.

"One of the reasons most of us moved out here, we didn't want obstructions with signs," a resident said.

That's because what you can post is regulated. But the rules may soon change.

"The DSC has started taking a closer look at our sign standards," said Deborah Sargent with the Development Standards Committee.

They decide what can be displayed and what can't. Currently it's only OK to post campaign signs, for sale signs and school signs.

"I think that's good because it makes the kids a little proud too, that their name is on a sign," a resident said.

But recent complaints over a pro-life yard sign forced the committee to take a closer look at its rules.

"We didn't want one neighbor to have a sign, then the next neighbor, then the next neighbor. Then it becomes a battle in your front yards," Sargent said.

The committee's options now are to keep things the way they are now, to allow no signs except those campaign and for sale signs required by law, or to allow any signs, up to two per yard, restricting size distance and design.

With his landscaping business in mind, Shawn Kelly hopes that last option is what's approved.

He said, "When we have potential clients standing right in front of a project that we just finished, and our name is right there, that's very easy for them to contact us later on."

But depending on whose door you knock on, that might be a tough sell.

Resident Jeanne Brusick said, "The Woodlands is beautiful, let's not junk it up."

You can read more about the proposals in the Woodlands Villager, one of our Houston Community Newspaper partners.

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