Man accusing off-duty officer of unjustified beating


Courtesy officers who live in apartment complexes are suppose to protect the residents of their community, but Houston resident Jaime Rebolloso says what happened to him on Friday night was exactly the opposite.

"This is every time I kept looking up at him to see who he was, I would see a fist coming right into this , so I kept looking up and a fist would come in," Rebolloso said.

Rebolloso's face and body are reminders of a violent night. He says he was walking his dog, Chester, in his apartment complex when he approached a dark truck driving through the property without headlights. Before he knew it, he was under arrest.

"He gets my head, and he pushes it to the ground, and punches me, and punches me on this side, and I started yelling, 'Help, help' and I just screamed like a little girl, 'Help! Help!'" Rebolloso said.

Rebolloso says the driver is the man who beat him up. Turns out that driver is Clarence Callis, a courtesy officer for the complex and a reserve Prairie View police officer. The Camden apartment complex where both men live have confirmed something happened Friday night.

"We're very concerned about what happened in our community, but unfortunately I can't answer any questions at this time," a spokesperson for the complex told us.

The Prairie View police chief told us over the phone that he is conducting a full investigation. The officer has been suspended, but also said the officer says Rebolloso was the aggressor, something his attorney, Steve Shellist, dismisses.

"Nothing he could have done would have justified that beat down, and what the officer did goes well beyond any type of use of force that would be suggested or allowed for in any police manual," Shellist said.

For now, Rebolloso and his wife, as well as officer Callis, still live in the complex. But Rebolloso says this arrest and injuries were simply unjustified.

"I never resisted anything, it was a one-way beating," he said.

Prairie View police says it is conducting a full investigation.

Rebolloso will need surgery for a broken eye socket. But he's also dealing with a resisting arrest charge stemming from what happened Friday night.

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