Beloved violinist attacked at southeast Houston intersection


Last weekend, the violinist was playing his violin as usual on Woodridge near the Gulf Freeway when a man pulled up and something very unusual happened.

"He's an inspiration to everybody here," one man told us.

"He's a talented man," another driver said.

While they may not know Luis Cruz's name, "Violin man" is more familiar. After all, he's got more than 11,000 Facebook fans.

Earlier this month, the man who learned music at 16 in Mexico, was beaten up for his violin case.

George San Miguel, a 53-year-old wheelchair-bound man, is responsible and he's now charged, police say.

"He's a real nice guy and I don't know why somebody would do something like that to him," another driver told us.

Cruz spent the night in the hospital. He's feeling better now and he can't put the violin down. He says it soothes his mind and he plays to give his grandchildren allowance.

"The way he never gives up, the way he's persistent about doing what he loves -- they've tried to get him to stop, but he just loves going out there," Cruz's grandson said.

And it's simply good for his heart.

He likely won't be back at his old spot but he says this won't let him stop from making music.

Cruz's grandson says his grandfather is hoping to play at many restaurants from now on. He's played at some of them before.

As for San Miguel, he's being held on a $5,000 bond. His criminal history includes a DWIs and burglaries.

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