Twist in trial of man accused of murdering neighbor


As witnesses in the trial against Raul Rodriguez took the stand, a lot of drama was being played out in court between attorneys and the judge.

The shooting killed an elementary school teacher and injured two others. On Friday, the jury heard from one of the victims of the shooting, but it may be what the jury didn't see at all that was the biggest bombshell of the day.

A wild laugh, a gun shot and the tape ends. Rodriguez is now on trial for murder, and the man witnesses say laughs in the tape was on the stand.

Ricky Johnson told the court he doesn't remember much, but said, "I would think he was the one who started the process by bringing the gun."

You can see Johnson throughout the video.

At one point, it looks like Johnson is approaching Rodriguez. And when the defense asked in couirt if he takes any responsibility for the shooting, he said, "Of course I do."

But perhaps the real bombshell of the day didn't even make it to the jury.

The judge didn't allow prosecutors to show certain testimony from a neighbor, who was just a few houses down when the shooting happened. Prosecutors claim Rodriguez bragged to the neighbor that he'd never be found guilty of murder because he said on tape that he feared for his life.

"I'm in fear for my life. Y'all are drunk. Get away from me!" Rodriguez says on the video he recorded of the confrontation.

The prosecution is expected to rest its case on Monday, and then the defense will have its turn.

The entire trial is expected to wrap up sometime next week.

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