Dogs fatally maul sheep in Mont. County


Be warned, this is a pretty gruesome story. The family spent the day burying the sheep carcasses at the same time as animal control officers were trying to seize those pit bulls.

The animal attack happened early Thursday morning. The homeowner says he came outside and saw his neighbor's pit bulls mauling a group of his daughter's show sheep.

He says the dogs killed a mother sheep and 14 lambs, and they damaged a llama. The homeowner told me he fired a shot at the dogs and chased them off his property and across a field. He says once he realized where the dogs belonged, he called the sheriff.

"Our other dogs were barking and we come out this morning at about 6:00 and I found the two pits -- a red nosed and black pit -- in this small pasture area and they were attacking the sheep," said sheep owner Robert Currie. "I chased the dogs out and chased them to the neighbor's house."

The dog owner told me she had no comment.

Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable Tim Holifield tells me the owner of the pit bulls will be liable for the loss and damage to their neighbor's property.

He said, "This is a lesson that people have to keep predatory animals restrained at all times."

Constable Holifield added that the dogs were not restrained on their owner's property but left to roam freely.

Currie says this is the third time his animals have been attacked by dogs since March. He estimates those dogs caused about $42,000 worth of damage

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