Man on trial for murder hopes video will prove his innocence


Raul Rodriguez went to his neighbor's house to tell them to quiet down. But before he walked out his door, he picked up his camera and a gun. Witnesses say what happened next could have been prevented. They took the stand in his trial Thursday.

The big question is, was the shooting murder or self-defense?

Rodriguez showed little emotion as witnesses demonstrated what happened.

Stetson and another man were injured in the May 2010 shooting that killed 36-year-old elementary school teacher Kelly Danaher.

Rodriguez shot video of the shooting. It shows him approaching Danaher's home, demanding the group there turn down the music. The group refuses and Rodriguez pulls out a gun.

"I said stop right now or I will shoot you. Stop! Get back, get back! I am in fear for my life. Y'all are drunk. Get away from me! Get away from me!" Rodriguez says on the video.

Rodriguez says he had no choice but to shoot.

But those at the party said Rodriguez was never in danger. They claim they didn't even have weapons.

Stetson said, "I was wondering why he was in fear for his life. He was the one with the gun."

James Storm was also at the party.

He said, "I didn't know what he feared. I just stood there amazed for a second."

The trial is ongoing and is expected to last at least another day.

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