Romney holds first campaign event in Texas


"Thank you Texas for taking me over the line and helping me get the nomination," Romney told the crowd.

A week after Texas made him the presumptive Republican nominee, Romney was here to talk jobs.

"You're gonna see a resurgence of America's economy that will shock the world and put our kids back to work and great jobs for the future," said Romney.

From shopping malls to small businesses, this is an election that has quickly become about the economy. Romney says he is the one to right the stalled ship. The president, he says, has failed during his turn at the helm.

"It's kind of surprising to me that the president has chosen as his campaign slogan, 'Forward.' Forward over a cliff? Look, I think it's time for a change and not going forward with our president," said Romney.

He has not campaigned much here. Texas seemingly solid red, but it is a state he needs and he is actively reaching out to Hispanic voters.

The host of Tuesday's event, Southwest Office Systems, is owned by a pair of second generation American brothers, whose grandparents immigrated from Mexico. Exactly the kinds of voters in swing states Romney needs to help him win in November.

"This is an election which represents a crossroads. That one place where the president and I agree. This is a choice between two directions for America," Romney said.

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