Local leaders stress preparation as hurricane season gets underway

HOUSTON We've already seen two named storms this year and hurricane season just got started.

"Are you ready for hurricane season?" we asked one Houston man today.

"No, probably not," he answered.

If that's your answer, Harris County Emergency Management has a message for you.

"Understand you live in a hurricane-prone area," said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. "Assume a hurricane is going to make a direct hit."

The county is already tracking severe weather across the country, preparing for the worst. And employees at the Office of Emergency Management are asking you to do the same.

"Make sure you have water. Make sure you have batteries, so you can stay informed by radio or other means," said Emmett.

Emmett recommends having a detailed evacuation plan.

"They need to know, am I in an evacuation zone or am I in an area with shelter in place," he said. "Look in your pantry if you're going to shelter-in-place and make sure you have enough goods to survive a week or ten days."

If you don't evacuate when you're asked to, he says county workers won't risk their lives to rescue you.

"We've gotten too used to, 'Well, is going to provide something for us.' The government has a role, the state of Texas, FEMA," he said. "But the first response has got to be your own. You owe it to yourself and your family."

Here's a list of all the hurricane season forecasts for this year and the agency reporting them, as posted on Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller's weather blog

NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration which oversees the National Hurricane Center.

  • 9-15 Tropical Storms
  • 4-8 Hurricanes
  • 1-3 Major Hurricanes.

Impact Weather: Houston based private forecasting firm that works with oil companies.

  • 10 Tropical Storms
  • 5 Hurricanes
  • 2 Major Hurricanes


  • 12 Tropical Storms
  • 5 Hurricanes
  • 2 Major Hurricanes

The Weather Channel:

  • 11 Tropical Storms
  • 6 Hurricanes
  • 2 Major Hurricanes

Colorado State University: from Dr. William Gray and Dr. Phil Klotzback.

  • 10 Tropical Storms
  • 4 Hurricanes
  • 2 Major Hurricanes

Florida State Univeristy: Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies

  • 10-16 Tropical Storms
  • 5-9 Hurricanes

North Carolina State University:

  • 7-10 Tropical Storms
  • 4-7 Hurricanes
  • 1-3 Major Hurricanes

Tropical Storm Risk: London-based forecast company.

  • 13 Tropical Storms
  • 6 Hurricanes
  • 3 Major Hurricanes

Weather Research Center: Home to Houston's Weather Museum, the WRC forecast is based on sunspot cycles, not current or forecast weather patterns.

  • 8 Tropical Storms
  • 5 Hurricanes

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