HISD hopes for uneventful last day of school


But the last day of school is usually also peak time for violence. That's why police and the community are working together to make sure summer begins on a safe note.

Local officials plan on monitoring campuses, walking through hallways and making sure kids get a safe start to summer.

It's called Project Safe Start and it's a partnership between police and local faith-based organizations. It started back in 1991 when school officials realized there was always a spike in violence during the end of the school year and into the summer.

So now, officials make it a point to be in schools talking to students, making sure they feel safe and making sure they know that there will be major consequences for violence even though school is almost over.

"We want our students to have a safe end of the school year and a great beginning of the summer," said Lt. Mattie Provost with the Houston Police Department. "We all know that things have changed from when we were in school. The nature of the violence has changed."

Five local schools are participating in Project Safe Start this year.

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