Spring woman accused of trying to pin blame for serious car accident on ex-husband


According to court documents, on March 8 a driver was seriously injured when a dark colored Ford F-150 struck her vehicle in the 200 block of Cypresswood Dr. in north Harris County. The victim says the driver fled the scene without stopping.

Detectives say they found the license plate in the debris and traced it to a Matthew Wallace. Further investigation revealed that the license had been canceled and a new plate had been issued on March 23, and that the vehicle was involved in another accident on April 22.

Court documents state investigators went to the address listed with the new license plate and observed a Ford F-150 bearing the new plate with front-end damage consistent with the Cypresswood crash.

Investigators interviewed the complainant in both reports, Brenna Nicole Wallace. They say she told them that she drove the truck to a night club where she met her ex-husband, Matthew Wallace, and that they were both intoxicated and left the club in her truck. According to investigators, Brenna Wallace said Matthew Wallace was the driver of the vehicle that night and that he was involved in the accident. They say she admitted to getting new license plates for the truck after the accident.

Court records show that investigators interviewed Matthew Wallace who provided copies of work time sheets that show he was working at the time of the accident. He also provided a copy of his divorce decree which awarded the truck to Brenna Wallace. Investigators say Matthew Wallace showed them a picture that Brenna Wallace texted to him the day of the accident saying she was involved in an accident and showing the damage, and asking him for advice.

Brenna Wallace, 31, is charged with failure to stop and render aid. Bond has been set at $5,000.

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