Program to provide jobs to people with disabilities


Through the WhatIF campaign, CompuCycle will offer permanent employment positions to Easter Seals Greater Houston's clients, and Easter Seals will provide initial training courses to its clients to teach necessary job skills including recycling, refurbishing electronics and basic computer proficiency.

Easter Seals serves clients with cerebral palsy and all other kinds of disabilities.

"Our clients have a difficult time finding employment, and often, an even harder time maintaining these jobs," Easter Seals Greater Houston CEO Elise Hough explained in a release. "What's most exciting for us is that through comprehensive training, our clients will have job skills that aren't only applicable to their work at CompuCycle, but for the rest of their lives."

The 60-day WhatIF campaign builds upon the question, "what if unused electronic waste could create jobs for those living with disabilities?" From September 15 through America Recycles Day on November 15, corporations throughout Houston are invited to host their own e-cycling drives or donate their corporate and community e-waste with the goal of garnering 500,000 pounds of electronic waste in 60 days.

Those donations will be used in place of a grant or cash donation in order to provide the capital to fund and maintain the training and employment program.

CompuCycle will collect, audit and process the waste and then donate net proceeds from the equipment to the program instead of paying it back to the corporation.

Eventually, CompuCycle hopes to expand this long-term program on a national level.

Clive Hess, president of CompuCycle, describes the initiative as a "win-win for everyone."

"Corporations can responsibly dispose of equipment that they no longer need, or don't know what to do with, using CompuCycle, a certified company, to safely refurbish the equipment," he said in a release. "Through dropping off these goods with us, these businesses are also simultaneously donating to a terrific initiative, and helping to create jobs for employable people living with a with disability."

For more information on how your business can help the WhatIF campaign, contact Kelly Hess at 832-483-9317 or For a list of accepted products, visit

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