Tax free weekend for energy saving appliances


This is the fourth Energy Star tax-free weekend in Texas, and it can help you save money on Energy Star-rated appliances because you don't pay sales tax. Also, there are extra sales in just about every store.

Looking for a new refrigerator? If you get one this weekend could save you hundreds of dollars if you buy an Energy Star-rated appliance. That's because you will not have to pay state sales tax and you can add that to extra discounts being offered during the Memorial Day weekend.

Chris Carpenter at Lowe's said, "Memorial Day weekend is one of the largest sales for retail establishments out there. Lowe's is offering 10 percent off on numerous items and we have dropped a lot of items down significantly."

The sale on Energy Star-rated appliances helps keep money in your pocket on day one, but the appliance itself saves you money during its lifetime.

"So you don't have to worry as much about spending tons of money over the appliance life," Carpenter explained.

The tax-free Energy Star sale starts Saturday and runs through Monday. Appliance sales people say there is already a demand for energy saving appliances and the tax-free weekend only helps boost sales.

Tanya Morris with Home Depot said, "I have heard from customers here lately that in a year's time they have seen the difference in their light bill, if there is a water bill."

You don't have to spend big money to get the Energy Star discount. CFL light bulbs and ceiling fans are also included on the tax-free list. If you'll need a new appliance in the coming weeks, you can get the tax-free break by purchasing this weekend but holding the delivery date until you are ready.

Washing machines do qualify for the tax-free weekend, but clothes dryers do not. See complete details on the state's website.

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