Court appearance for woman accused of killing a mom, kidnapping her baby


The Montgomery Co. District Attorney voluntarily gave grand jury testimony about the case against Verna McClain to her lawyers Thursday. McClain is accused of shooting and killing Kala Golden Schuchardt, then abducting her 3-day-old baby boy in order to pass the baby off as her own.

"We're making a very clean record for anybody who reviews this record later on, exactly what we've done to not only comply with the minimum standards, but to actually to show this is a guideline for the way that other DA offices should behave in other similar cases," said Montgomery Co. District Attorney Brett Ligon.

The DA's office did not say if it will seek the death penalty in the case, But McClain's lawyers say they don't believe it's necessary.

"She does have three children she is taking care of. She has been forced to move from California to Texas. She's been a responsible mother in the past. She has a job. She works as a nurse. She definitely loves kids. It would be a real tragedy in a case like this," said defense attorney E. Tay Bond.

The DA's office has said it plans to decide on the death penalty issue within the next couple of weeks. It could be months before this case goes to trial, according to the DA's office.

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