Reward for case of day care robbery in north Harris County


"Who has the heart to rob a day care center?" asked parent Sache Stephens.

That's the big question parents and staff at the Stay and Play Child Care Center are still asking two days after a gunman robbed this north side day care. Stephens saw the unidentified man just minutes before dropping off her 3-year-old son on Tuesday.

"I mean he was just walking, and you wouldn't think anything because you would think that he's just a normal person walking. I mean there's hospitals over here, just like these people are walking, you know you don't think anything," Stephens said.

On Thursday, a group of outraged parents, day care workers and activists gathered outside the Stay and Play, urging the community to help deputies arrest the gunman who barged into this center, which was packed with about 70 children at the time. The suspect specifically demanded a gray cashbox.

"He was about 5 foot 8, 5 foot 9, medium build, caramel colored. He had facial hair," said Betty McGirr, Stay and Play director.

Workers say the gunman was wearing shorts and a cap with a turquoise rim.

"This man is a low-down dirty skunk to come in and put a gun to women's heads in a nursery full of children," said community activist Quanell X.

He announced the New Black Panthers are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can help deputies arrest the robber.

"I'm angry, and I'm challenging the leadership of our community. If we're going to protest when we have problems with police, we should be so angry that the community feels the rage for where this man is," Quanell X said.

Parents say they just hope the robber doesn't try coming back.

"I mean, I want him to be caught. Like it's not fair!" Stephens said.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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