Gospel musician accused of aggravated sexual assault of child


According to the arrest warrant, a 13-year-old girl states that 42-year-old Rodney Marcus Grimsley, a guitar player who would perform at churches around Fort Bend and Harris counties, assaulted her. It allegedly happened between services last Sunday. He saw the girl, according to investigators, standing outside with other children.

Chief Deputy Craig Brady of the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said, "They were outside playing. He struck up a conversation with her and got her to go back inside the facility for a few minutes and that was enough."

The warrant states that the she followed him into a room inside the church where the alleged assault took place. Afterward, Grimsley and the girl are said to have exchanged cell phone numbers. Then came the Facebook chats with Grimsley, which the girl's mother discovered.

"The mother picked up on some of the conduct that she was doing on Facebook and inappropriate comments, and that's when she got involved and notified us," Brady said.

Grimsley was arrested Wednesday night at his home. He has children of his own, according to the sheriff's office. And according to the chief deputy, he didn't deny the allegation.

"Mr. Grimsley has admitted his actions involving the girl," Brady said. "He has confessed to the offense and is currently incarcerated on $175,000 bond."

But Grimsley's fiance, Monica Allen, says she's been with him for nine years and can't believe the allegations.

"Rodney is always talking about God and he's always willing to help somebody," she said. "He's that person that if you are stuck on the street, he's going to pull over and help you."

Allen says she hasn't talked to him since he was arrested, so she is waiting to hear from him.

"I pray for him, wherever he is. If he is seeing this, I pray the angels protect you and I pray that God reveals the truth," she said.

Investigators are asking parents who attend churches where Grimsley may have performed to talk to their children to see if there may be other cases.

Grimsley is being held on $175,000 bond at the Fort Bend County Jail.

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