Man suing car dealership he once represented


It's likely how you know Rocky McCullough, by way of car dealership commercials. He's been a staple on Houston TV.

"I've lost around 48 pounds," he said. "It's devastating."

Except for doctors appointments, McCullough now spends most of his days at home, and it's tough. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in December and terminated from his general manager position at Southern Ford position four months later.

"To me, it was blatant that the reason they want me gone is because I was sick," he said.

Southern Ford denies the allegation.

McCullough says he was hired last November to turn the struggling dealership near Pearland around. He started buying inventory. By April, he says sales were up 247 percent over last year, but on April 13, he says management called him in and made it brief.

"They told me they're going in a different direction," McCullough said.

Southern Ford sent us a statement saying, "McCullough's termination was due to significant operational losses," and they are confident their decision was both justified and lawful.

McCullough admits there were losses while he was purchasing inventory.

"If you don't have anything to sell, you don't earn anything," he said.

He hopes a lawsuit alleging disability discrimination sends a message.

"That's against the law, and besides that, I think everyone would agree it's just wrong," McCullough's attorney, Danny Goforth, said.

Because even as a shadow of his former self, McCullough maintains he's still able to do his job.

"I would be at work this afternoon if they hadn't gone 'in a different direction' on April 13," he said.

McCullough is asking for past and future lost wages as well as damages.

Southern Ford says it prides itself on maintaining a workplace free of harassment or discrimination.

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