ABC13 launches new alarm clock app!


The ABC3 Houston Alarm Clock app will also bring you an instant snapshot of the news, weather and traffic before you even roll out of bed.

For a growing number of people, the smart phone is waking them up, so we wanted to give your alarm clock a boost by getting you the information you want to see in your hand the moment you wake up.

The new ABC13 Alarm Clock app will show you the weather forecast, hour by hour, before you even roll out of bed; a useful tool according to Donna Gilbert.

"It helps, it will help," Gilbert said.

The app also includes instant traffic updates so you can see where the traffic is building before your first cup of coffee. Renee Rector likes that.

"That would be convenient for me, just push a button," Rector said.

The app includes the latest news from overnight, but the most entertaining feature is the way in which it wakes you up.

"That's pretty cool," Deborah Douglas said, when we told her ABC13's Don Nelson can wake you up in the morning.

The app lets you set Don or any of the other Eyewitness News morning show anchors as your morning alarm. It's already got a big fan.

"Now that is inspirational. That's, that's what starts a day off for those who did things like invent Facebook and stuff like that. I wonder if (Mark) Zuckerberg is going to use mine," opined Don Nelson.

The ABC13 Alarm Clock app is the first of its kind from a TV station in the nation and is designed to give you the exact information you want as soon as possible.

"People can use this throughout the day. We update it throughout the day. Our weather is updated throughout the day. Our news headlines are updated throughout the day, and if you wanted to use it as a reminder, you can do that as well," said Randy Klein, ABC13 Digital Manager.

More on the ABC13 Houston Alarm Clock app

There's no need to go searching for the news that happened while you were sleeping -- now news, weather and traffic are all right there for you with a few taps.

Just set the alarm to start your day and get a special wake up call from Tom Koch, Sharron Melton, Casey Curry or Don Nelson on Eyewitness News this morning. Then instantly check the news that happened overnight.

Or you can check out the hour-by-hour weather forecast to plan your day and the 7-day forecast to plan your week.

In addition, before you leave home, you can also get an update on traffic.

It's the new ABC13 Alarm Houston Clock app, and it's free right now at Apple's App store. Just search 'ABC13 alarm' to download to your iPhone and iPod Touch. You must have iOS version 5.0 or higher.

Hear Don Nelson's wakeup message

Hear Casey Curry's wakeup message

Hear Sharron Melton's wakeup message

Hear Tom Koch's wakeup message

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