Monday town hall to address Blomberg verdict


Andrew Blomberg lost his job after Eyewitness News aired the videotaped beating of Chad Holley.

Blomberg was charged with official oppression, but last week a jury found him not guilty.

The verdict set off a series of protests and some activists even met with Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos, demanding to know why the Blomberg jury was all white.

Some of those questions could be answered at the town hall meeting.

It starts at 6pm at the Shape Community Center on Almeda.

Three more former HPD officers on the tape are still awaiting trial.

Drew Ryser, Philip Bryan and Raad Hassan are all charged with official oppression.

Pre-trial hearings for their cases are set for Monday.

Chad Holley has also filed a federal civil rights suit against all four of the former officers charged in the case.

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