Two people charged in theft of pricey puppy


Alex Smith, 23, and Tashona M. Bredford, 20, are both charged with theft between $1,500 and $20,000. Police say the two were behind the theft of an English bulldog valued at $3,000. The dog was stolen from Pet City Houston on Bammel Westfield.

A tip led authorities to Smith and Bredford at an apartment complex in the 1300 block of Greens Crossing.

Pet City Houston Manager Samatha Stack says the theft was captured on store surveillance video, which allegedly showed Bredford bringing two small children along for the theft.

"They are doing wrong to the dog and they are doing wrong to the kids," Stack said. "That's just, it's horrible parenting."

Store workers say Bredford brought her two daughters along with two males. Surveillance footage clearly shows one of the suspects holding the expensive puppy while the little girls pet the dog.

"I turned to the guy. I asked him, 'Well, how can I help you? Is there a puppy you'd like to see today?'" Stack said. "He pointed to the dog and said, 'I'm just waiting to see if they take that one.'"

The video then shows the mother leave the two male suspects behind, walk out of the store, load her kids into the getaway car and back it close to the door.

Within minutes, police say Bredford and Smith took off with the bulldog puppy as the manager ran after them.

"I ran back inside and was yelling, 'Call the cops! Call the cops!'" Stack said. "Our main concern isn't the fact that we've lost money," Stack said. "It's the fact that these dogs, of all dogs to take, these are the ones that need the most care."

The dog appeared to be unharmed and was returned to store owners. Reporter Sonia Azad, who covered the story yesterday for Eyewitness News, says Bredford admitted to her on camera her involvement in the theft.

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