Lating singer seeks tougher charges against alleged drunken driver


Jessee Camacho was walking near El Franco Lee Community Center Park when he was hit by the vehicle. He suffered broken bones.

Eyewitnesses say they had to chase down the driver to get him to stop. In the end, the driver - Andrew Cross - was charged with public intoxication.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and LULAC held a news conference, saying the driver had been drinking at a BBQ cook off that day.

"When I found out it was just a PI. I was shocked because he was driving, that to me is a shocker," Jesse Camacho said.

According to the police report, officers didn't have a witness at the scene that placed cross behind the wheel, which is why he was only charged with public intoxication.

LULAC says the best witnesses were never interviewed by police.

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