Chase suspect rolls SUV with kids in vehicle


It started just before 9pm at an apartment complex on Blackhawk, several miles away from where it would end, along the Gulf Freeway and Clear Lake City Boulevard.

Investigators say a husband, identified as Joseph Bostick, 37, of Deer Park, and wife were fighting. The wife went to a friend's house, but was still feeling threatened by Bostick and called for help.

When police approached the husband, they say he took off in his SUV with his four- and six-year-old children inside. Deputies tried to get him to pull over, but instead they say he drove at one deputy and even fired at him.

That turned into a pursuit down the Gulf Freeway. Deputies say he was on the phone the whole time, threatening his wife.

Bostick managed to get away, but his vehicle was spotted a short time later.

"We were contacted about 20 minutes later that Precinct 8 had located the vehicle and was chasing him in the Harris Park subdivision," said Sgt. Z. Guinn with the Harris County Precinct 2 Constable's Office. "That was the location that he flipped the car over. We were mostly concerned that he had a three- and seven-year-old kid with him. The kids are OK and the suspect has been taken into custody."

Investigators with Precinct 8 say as soon as the SUV rolled, Bostick tried to get out while holding onto both children. Deputies told him to let go of them, but he reportedly refused.

Deputies say he finally let the male child go, but held onto his daughter. At one point, deputies say he fell on top of his daughter and began to squeeze her tightly. Deputies were able to get the daughter away from Bostick, but they say he resisted arrest.

Before long, deputies were able to get Bostick in custody.

A total of 5 hand guns and what appeared to be homemade bomb-like devices were located in the vehicle, say deputies.

Bostick was charged with two counts of Endangering a Child, Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant and felony Evading Arrest. He is currently being held without bond in the Harris County Jail.

The children were reunited with family.

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