Man arrested after calling 911 for help


A chase and arrest on the Gulf Freeway brought traffic to a standstill this morning.

It all started when officers got a call about a possible hostage situation. Then they quickly determined there was much more to the story.

"They arrested me," Kevin Babers said. "I called them. And they are arresting me?"

Police say Babers found himself a surprised suspect. He's the driver who called 911, saying he was being held against his will by three people in his car early this morning.

Officers say Babers made a false call, causing a lot of chaos on I-45 as they stopped traffic with guns drawn to rescue a man who they believed was a hostage.

Babers asked, "Sergeant, why am I being arrested? I called you guys? Huh? Why am I being arrested?"

Police say Babers rented his white Lexus to his three passengers last night off FM1959. Officers say the 45-year-old man is known to rent out his car for drugs and money.

They say after the group returned the car this morning they asked Babers for a ride home. Police say Babers got into an argument with the others when they refused to pay for gas. It was during that trip police say Babers secretly dialed 911, falsely telling dispatchers he was being held against his will and managed to give operators his car description and location.

Moments after police detained and questioned the passengers, they were released. And it was Babers who was arrested and charged with making a false report.

"And I called 911 and I'm being arrested," Babers said.

Police tell us Babers, 45, is no stranger to crime. They say in addition to the criminal charges this morning, he also has a couple of outstanding warrants outside Houston.

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