Mayor Parker reacts to Obama's support to same sex marriage


The mayor tweeted yesterday afternoon, 'Wow got a call from the White House. The president has stepped up and stated his support for recognizing relationships like mine!'

President Barack Obama stated what he called his 'evolving stance' on gay marriage in an exclusive interview with ABC News.

The president says his family helped him change his mind, talking with his young daughters. He said it didn't occur to them that some of their friends' parents would be treated differently. We talked to those politically active in the Houston area about what this might mean for the 2012 election.

"This is just another distraction so folks won't focus on 8.1 percent unemployment, gas prices that are close to $4 a gallon, growth that is at two percent and an economy that is just dead on arrival," said Jared Woodfill with the Harris County Republicans.

"It doesn't become an issue. Now he can move on, to going back to the economy, to foreign policy, to national defense, all these more pressing issues that are affecting our nation," said Noel Freeman with the Houston Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Caucus.

The president also stated that although he now supports gay marriage, that decision should be left to individual states. Thirty-one states have said no to same sex marriage.

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