Brothers charged in connection with assault, robbery of one of their girlfriends


On the night of May 6, court documents state Colin Vernon Smith asked his girlfriend where the cash was that she received from an auto accident settlement. She says when she told Colin Smith that he could not have the money, he became very angry, pushed her out of a chair, then grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head on the floor several times. The girlfriend alleges that he then hit her in the face twice.

After telling him that the money was in a dumpster in the hopes of getting him out of the Clear Lake area residence, she says Colin Smith called his brother, Justin Smith, who went to the dumpster to look for the strong box with the cash in it, but it was not there.

Investigators say Colin then told Justin to leave the residence, at which point Colin then hit his girlfriend and began to choke her. She says she finally relented and told him the money was in her child's toy box. She says Colin took the money and put it in a backpack.

According to court documents, the girlfriend says Justin, who police say was present when Colin took the money, told her he was sorry that his brother beat her up, but that he needed the money.

The girlfriend was treated at a hospital for a broken nose and other injuries, court documents show.

Colin Smith, 26, and Justin Smith, 24, are charged with aggravated robbery. No bond has been set in either case.

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