Young girl struck by car in SW Houston


The driver was traveling northbound on Concourse Drive when police say two little girls ran into the middle of the street. They were believed to be going to their bus stop.

One of those girls, a 7-year-old, was hit by the car. She suffered head trauma. We're told she was unconscious at one point and that a neighbor performed CPR before the girl was taken to Texas Children's Hospital in critical condition.

Police say the driver was going the speed limit, between 20 and 30 mph. They say she was not impaired, and she was not cited.

The driver was too upset to talk to us, but we did speak to both her aunt and a witness, who said this crash was unavoidable.

"She was pretty much hysterical, because she just hit a baby in the street," recalled Terrie, the driver's aunt. "She didn't really say anything. She said just said, 'Aunt T, she ran out in the street and I couldn't stop. You know, I couldn't brake fast enough.'"

Witness Rose Duncan said, "The other kids were across the street over there, so it looked like she was just trying to go with the other kids."

Police have not found the other little girl who they believe also ran across the street, but they believe she is OK.

It's not clear if there were any parents with the girls, but witnesses agree this was a terrible, tragic accident for everyone involved.

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