Mom claims classmate sexually assaulted son, 6


This 6-year-old's mom says the alleged sexual assault happened a week ago while her kindergarten son was in the boys bathroom with another kindergartner. Some of the details were too graphic to report, but she says her son remembers it all and is traumatized over it. Still, she feels the school is not doing enough to protect her child.

"His demeanor, his personality, his behavior -- he was slouching, he wasn't the same," the boy's mother said.

This mom, who asked not to be identified, says shortly after her kindergartner came home acting differently, he decided to open up about what the boy says a 6-year-old classmate did to him inside the boys bathroom at his Pasadena elementary school.

"He says, 'I'll show you my body, me naked, and I'll let you be my friend,'" the mom said.

She says it happened while her son was in the restroom alone with the other kindergarten boy.

"The teacher asked him to go monitor another student. The student says, 'Touch my private area,'" the mother said.

She says when her son refused, the kindergarten classmate made a shocking move.

"The other student then walks over to my son, grabs his hand while his pants are still down and makes him touch his private area," the mother said.

She says that's when things went from bad to worse and that her son was so scared he didn't know what to do.

She says when she found out about the alleged assault she was outraged and went straight to administrators. The Pasadena ISD superintendent confirmed with Eyewitness News, the mom did file a report and says district police are conducting a thorough investigation that may take a few days to complete because both students involved are telling completely different stories.

Meanwhile, this mother believes she knows the truth.

"He very passive, he's not a fighter," she said. "I believe my son without a shadow of a doubt. As detailed as he was when he was explaining what he told to me, a child can't get that detailed and make it up."

While her son has been removed from class, that mother has filed a complaint with Child Protective Services.

The Pasadena ISD superintendent tells Eyewitness News that Texas law prohibits district police from filing charges on students this young. He says this will be an administrative issue and it is possible both kindergartners could face disciplinary action.

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