Wilbur the pig wins his battle versus homeowners association in Spring


Thousands of people have showed their support for the family on Wilbur's Facebook page, and today a judge made the official decision.

Two words: Wilbur won. Not a huge court case with millions of dollars on the line, but for a Spring family, the stakes couldn't have been higher.

Wilbur is a pot-bellied pig that the Sardo family has had for a year and a half since Wilbur was a 7-week-old piglet. They live in a Spring subdivision and Wilbur is primarily a house pet. When the homeowners association was told there was a pig in the neighborhood, the Sardos were told to get rid of him or face a lawsuit and a huge fine.

Instead, the Sardos sued, claiming that Wilbur was not livestock, but a pet.

In court Monday, the HOA argued a pig is a pig and while not specifically named in the deed restrictions, it's not your ordinary house pet.

At the end of the hearing Monday afternoon, the judge ruled that while the purpose of a homeowners association is to preserve the appearance of a neighborhood, it can also overstep its bounds. He then ruled that Wilbur can stay where he lives -- mostly indoors -- with his family and a dog.

The Sardos couldn't be happier -- even crying as they left the courtroom -- ending a year-long battle with their HOA.

"Relief, when he said that. And he has his web page and he has the most unbelievable supporters and I thank all of you out there," said Missy Sardo, Wilbur's owner.

The homeowners association attorney left without comment. But at one house in Spring, there is much celebrating.

Look for Wilbur who has his own web page at WilburSardo.com.

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