Suspect surrenders on Gulf Fwy after bizarre chase


Officers say a 24-year-old man led patrol cars from southbound Pierce Elevated near Dallas Street to the Gulf Freeway near Monroe.

The chase did not reach high speeds, police say but it was still dangerous.

"He was weaving in and out of traffic and an officer attempted to traffic stop him and he refused to stop," HPD spokesperson John Cannon said.

Leonard Robinson saw the whole thing, but didn't realize it was a chase.

"They were going straight ahead, going real slow and they had the lights on," Robinson said. "[I thought it was] somebody coming in like the president or something. Somebody important."

Houston police identified the driver as 24-year-old Andres Martinez.

They say the chase went through downtown and southeast Houston for 15 minutes, stopping traffic and endangering officers.

"One of our officers attempted to put out a spike strip, and the suspect was seen trying to run toward the officer and run him down," Cannon said. "He, thankfully, was unsuccessful. The officer managed to get out of the way."

But Martinez never went over 40mph. Police say they believe he was intoxicated behind the wheel.

Authorities also say Martinez may have been involved in a hit-and-run accident. The front of his car was crushed and the back tire looked like it was about to fall off.

Martinez eventually stopped near the Monroe exit.

Hands in the air, the suspect got on his back in the middle of the Gulf Freeway and surrendered to police.

Martinez was in jail Sunday night. He faces charges of felony evading and attempted intoxication assault against a public servant.

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