Three teen suspects nabbed in church break-in


One church member actually helped officers catch the thieves and says this kind of thing happened there before. Officers say they have mixed messages from the suspects about the break-in.

"I seen a window broken out in the church, bicycle laying behind the church, the door was open in the back of the church," said Glenn Nitsch, a member of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

Nitsch was driving by his church and stopped to see what was going on. That's when he found officers looking for burglars.

"We just kinda flushed 'em out; they ran out the front of the church," Nitsch said.

Nitsch and officers had surprised three young burglary suspects. One stayed by the church and two tried to run for it. Officers quickly caught those suspects.

A lieutenant tells us officers got two different stories about the break-in.

"One of the juvenile males told me the reason they did they were bored. Another juvenile male told me they were hungry and that's why they broke into the church," Harris County Sheriff's Office Lt. J.R. Rollins said.

SkyEye HD found what was stolen from the church.

"Two liters of soda water and one bag of Cheetohs and two firelighters," Rollins said.

The church was broken into a few years back. Nitsch says that break-in ended similar to this one.

"We caught them as well, so this is the second time we've caught people in the church, coming out of the church and being arrested," Nitsch said.

Officers tell us all three teenagers will face burglary charges, and the two who ran off also will face evading arrest charges.

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