Murder/suicide orphans little girl


The murder/suicide happened right in front of the apartment building. But for neighbors, it's not about the location of the shooting, but the witness -- as it all unfolded in front of the couple's toddler daughter.

"She was on the way to take her baby to the doctor's office, or whatever, and they said the boyfriend came out fighting with her," said one neighbor.

"I just heard the gunshots," said another witness. "It was like eight gunshots all together."

Houston police investigators say the gunman was a father, and neighbors say, an estranged boyfriend, who was firing at the mother of his child.

"The man shot the woman several times," said HPD Homicide Officer M.F. Stahlin.

The shooting happened as the woman stood in front of her apartment complex, while the couple's little girl, age two or three, stood by and watched.

Officer Stahlin said, "It's not something I would want any child to see, or even an adult to see."

As if that wasn't horrifying enough, authorities say the father then shot himself.

"They said that the apartment manager had to go get the baby out of the house because the baby was screaming because I think she saw everything," said neighbor Mandy Lewis.

Neighbors say the mother and her only child had moved to these apartments to take refuge.

Lewis said, "She was kind of hiding from him at the time. I don't know what was going on with them or what, but they weren't on good terms."

Still in shock by what happened here, many neighbors say their thoughts are now with that little girl.

"That's crazy, that's crazy. I would never... Things get tough but there is always a way out. You just have to keep your head up, you know, because things get better," Lewis said. "But the family is definitely going to be in my prayers."

Police have not released the names or ages of the victim and the suspect. The toddler was not physically hurt. She is staying with relatives.

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