Man accused of fatally shooting girlfriend


The victim's family is distraught over her murder and shocked over what her boyfriend is accused.

"It hasn't really hit me yet," said Curtis Cormier.

He says he and his family had no way of preparing for the news that his daughter had been violently murdered.

Neighbors in the 4000 block of Liberty Road near Russell heard it and watched it unfold.

"I heard two shots and as I turned around I seen then rushing and wrestling," said Aaron Jacob.

Houston police say the early morning commotion was coming from the house where an enraged boyfriend had just opened fire on his girlfriend, who family members identify as 31-year-old Shanelle Cormier. Police say a wounded Cormier ran next door for help. Emma Babino says the victim knocked on her uncle's door.

"He was just drinking coffee and he opened the door and she was right there, you know, bleeding and fell on him," Babino said.

But her uncle had no idea he was about to stare down the barrel of a gun. Police say the suspect aimed the weapon at the helpful neighbor.

"He pointed the gun at him and was like, 'Let her go! Don't touch her!' And he just pushed her off and hurried up and closed his door," said Babino.

Authorities say the suspect then aimed at another neighbor, even grabbing his cell phone, before forcing his wounded girlfriend back into his house. Then the house was surrounded by a SWAT team.

"They hear what's sound to be gunshots. Eventually the suspect comes out and said he shot her," said a representative with HPD. "He's basically saying right now that she made him mad."

The victim's father says he didn't always agree with his daughter's lifestyle.

"She struggled with some things in her life," said Curtis Cormier.

But he says this was not supposed to happen.

The only motive police have right now is that she made him mad. The boyfriend is in custody after he eventually surrendered to police, but his identity has not been released. Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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