Judge denies bond for accused pimp


A judge denied bond and ordered Germaine Wallace, also known as Jello, to be returned to Colorado. Wallace's attorney says he's going to appeal. The four exotic dancers who've been speaking out on his behalf are as determined as ever to clear his name.

Germaine "Jello" Wallace was supposed to appear in a Colorado courtroom back in February to face a long list of criminal charges, including pimping. Last week, the 38-year-old alleged pimp, who's accused of running a high-price prostitution ring in Denver, was arrested by US marshals in Houston and is now fighting extradition.

Wallace's friend Carrie Laughead testified, "Germaine is not doing anything wrong and they are corrupt in Colorado."

Four exotic dancers who were found with Wallace and lived with him in a Colorado mansion before he skipped town are now coming to his defense.

Amber Wilson testified, "We are longtime friends."

Three of the women who testified insisted they're not prostitutes and told the court Wallace is innocent and accused Colorado authorities of racial profiling.

"Basically because he's a black man hanging out with four white girls he's a pimp," Laughead testified. "I had never seen that before or heard anything like that before until I went to Colorado."

They told the court that Wallace breeds animals for a living. Wallace's attorney says there is no evidence to support claims that his client came to Houston to set up a prostitution ring similar to the one he allegedly ran in Colorado.

"It's just mere allegations to smear these girls and Mr. Wallace while they are here seeking sanctuary from Denver, Colorado," said attorney Wilvin Carter.

Wallace will remain at the Harris County Jail. The whole appeals process could take up to 45 days.

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