12-foot python on the loose at southwest Houston complex


It escaped from a unit at the Esplanade Apartments, just across the street from Hermann Park. A warning letter was given to residents there. And that's rattling some nerves.

"Definitely freaks me out a little bit. It makes me a little hesitant to go outside," resident Kimberly Stein said. "It's really precarious how it got outside to begin with."

Residents found a flyer on their front door mats. It warns residents of a 12-foot python on the loose and asks anyone who spots the reptile to call animal control.

"I called the maintenance guy this morning and they do believe that the snake escaped from someone's apartment who lives in the second floor; that's why they said. Somebody saw it in the second-floor garage area, but they don't know where in the building it is," resident Wendy Hiester said.

Now some are wondering if it's lurking the garage or if it's camouflaging itself in the lush landscaping.

Everyone there seems to have their own sense of the python, and for some, sleeping tonight won't be easy.

"I'm worried can it get into the apartment somehow, so I think we'll be talking about it when we go to sleep tonight," nearby resident Chase Culver.

A lot of people in the apartment complex are aware of the situation.

We called the number on the flyer but it was an answering service that picked up. They said they'll try to get more information and get back to us.

On Friday, we received a copy of a letter sent by management to residents stating the following:

    "I know many of you are concerned regarding reports on the news of a Python on property and I would like to take this opportunity to address this issue. We take all reports seriously and have investigated the claims and have not found any snake on property nor has any resident reported a missing snake. In addition the letters left on certain doors and posted in the building this week did not come from management. Due to our going green efforts we primarily contact residents via email and instant broadcasting and try our best to refrain from leaving notes on your doors. To those who received the letters we do apologize and we are not sure who is responsible for their distribution. Our pet policy is not only breed restricted it also prohibits exotic animals such as: snakes, iguanas and even turtles. If you know of anyone who has an unauthorized pet; please contact management. Although we have not found any validity to the claim of a snake loose on the property we will continue to investigate these allegations as your well being is our top priority. Enjoy your weekend."

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