Couple faces fine after calling 911 for dying dog


the Lakeys' great dane, Oreo, suddenly collapsed one day. They considered the dog like their third daughter. Not knowing what to do, the couple called 911 hoping paramedics would help.

"She (responding paramedic) got into the middle of the room and she saw Orea and she threw her hands up and said, 'It`s a dog. Are you kidding me?'" said Rose Lakey.

The Lakeys say a second paramedic helped them load Oreo into their own car. But it was too late and the dog died.

The next day, a police officer showed up to the Lakeys' home and handed out a summons for filing a fake 911 report. Apparently, Rose Lakey referred to her dog as her "daughter" during the call.

"Twenty-four hours later, they come to my door to give me a ticket for asking for help," said Randy Lackey. "He just acted like we planned all of this. We just needed help. There's nothing false about that."

The couple will likely face a fine.

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