Baytown man accused of being drunk, peeping into bathroom window where teen girl was showering


Geovany Ismael Torres, 26, is charged with disorderly conduct-window peeping and public intoxication. On April 18 at around 10:40pm, Baytown police say the victim's father told them his 14-year-old daughter was showering and heard a loud noise near the bathroom window. He went outside to investigate and saw Torres standing on a cinder block to look through his bathroom window where the daughter was located.

The dad said Torres ran and he chased after him. He told police that he caught Torres and a fight ensued.

Baytown police say Torres claimed he was driving in the area and his bumper fell off so he was waiting for a friend to come help him; however, his car was not damaged nor was the bumper off or missing or loose.

Officers say they observed Torres to be intoxicated. He was arrested without incident.

Torres pled no contest, paid the $530 fine and was released.

Baytown police say the injuries in Torres' mug shot were a result of the fight with the victim's father.

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