New league brings baseball to children with challenges


This is the Humble Baseball Association's Pegasus League's inaugural season, giving kids who might not be otherwise be able to get out on the diamond the chance to play ball.

"Everybody gets to bat, everybody gets to run the bases," explained Sarah Wooley with Humble Baseball.

Kids who might ordinarily never get the chance to step up to home plate are playing baseball.

"They have more smiles on this field in one hour than some fields do all season long," Wooley said.

And there are at least as many cheers from the stands. The kids have developmental or physical disabilities that would make it difficult for them to play -- ordinarily.

Many are not big on words, but they know why they like baseball. "It's fun," one player said.

And when they play for Humble's Pegasus League...

"He says baseball," said mother Laura Landry. "Jack has very limited vocabulary, but when it's these nights he knows that it's baseball."

Those disabilities don't matter. Each child is assigned a helper from the regular league, to help catch or throw. But each hit is their own, and each run, too -- each accomplishment.

Athlete Alex Cowell said, "I finally dropped the bat and I finally hit a homerun. I finally did good."

And the joy of baseball is theirs too, all with the help of a start up league that's giving them an all-American childhood.

There are two Pegasus League baseball teams in Humble and they plan to expand the number of teams. There are more in other parts of town.

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