Community comes together for children of slain mother


The family of Kala Golden Schuchardt attended a benefit in her honor Saturday morning in Willis.

Schuchardt, 28, was killed Tuesday afternoon outside a pediatrician's office in Montgomery County.

Investigators say Verna McClain snatched Schuchardt's three-day-old son out of her arms and shot her.

Baby Keegan is fine now, but he and Schuchardt's two other young boys are now without a mother.

"I tell you what, I would've jumped in front of that lady and took every one of those bullets so my daughter could raise her own children because this is just wrong," the victim's mother, Linda Golden, said.

On Saturday, hundreds of volunteers donated their time, money and belongings to Schuchardt's children. Most of them never even knew the young mother.

"It could've been anybody. I mean, I could've taken my daughter to the doctor," volunteer Jennifer Bagley said.

Some kids even sold their candy, telling us they feel "like it's helping the baby survive."

Schuchardt's parents were overwhelmed by the support.

"There are good people coming in, stepping up. That's what America's about," father Don Golden said.

"They can't bring my daughter back, but these children can live on and everybody needs to just remember them and do everything they can for these children," Linda Golden said.

Schuchardt's three kids are with family members now. The father, Keith Schuchardt, says he's been spending time with them and hopes to have full custody by next week.

McClain is charged with capital murder.

A memorial fund has been set up at Spirit of Texas Bank, 5452 Highway 105, Suite 101, Conroe. The bank's phone number is 936-538-1000.

Donations should be made payable to: Schuchardt Family Benefit. Donations can be made at any branch -- locations can be found on the website at

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