Small fire ignites at BP plant in Texas City

April 20, 2012 7:58:43 PM PDT
A small fire ignited at the BP plant in Texas City Friday afternoon.

The incident happened around 5pm Friday. Bruce Clawson with the Texas City Office of Emergency Management said it was a small flange, where two pipes connect, that is on fire.

Clawson said there was a small leak at the plant, but not a danger to the community.

A BP spokesperson says a compressor tripped on a unit during heavy storms there with lightning. As a result of the compressor trip, BP says unit operations initiated a shut down of the unit and a fire broke out.

There were no injuries associated with the incident. BP dispatched a contract company with mobile environmental monitors into the community; those monitors have registered no abnormal readings.

There is no estimate on when the hydrocracker will restart.

BP says the BP Fire Department is on the scene to prevent re-ignition.