Federal marshal involved in disputed traffic altercation in League City


A 23-year old League City man says he was stopped and cursed by a man in an unmarked vehicle in the 1100 block of League City Parkway. A passerby thought the situation was suspicious and reported it to League City police. They confirmed it was not one of their officers.

To League City police, the case is closed because no crime was committed. But the saga over exactly what happened and whether anyone will be punished remains uncertain.

Driving over the League City bridge in his Kia, Eddie Chambliss was expecting a normal commute to his gym. But on April 17, everything changed when he accidentally cut someone off.

"He was in my blind spot, so I got in the right lane, and he got angry and went around and pulled out in front of me and stopped and turned on the little red lights," Chambliss said.

The driver got out of a Chevy Silverado and approached Chambliss.

"He did have a circle badge thing on a necklace and a gun," he said.

Chambliss said the man dressed in plain clothes was obviously angry, but after asking for his license and registration, he eventually drove off. A passerby took down the truck's license plates. League City police was called.

"If someone's going around pretending to be a police officer, or pretending to be some sort of a public servant, that's a major concern," League City Sgt. Bryan Campbell said.

It took League City police a day to track down the vehicle. And once they did that, they realized this wasn't a case of a fake cop, but a real federal marshal.

"Once we determined that it was a law enforcement officer, we notified that agency, informed them of what he had and then called our complainant back and informed him," Campbell said.

The U.S. Marshal's Office says it doesn't want its undercover officers conducting random traffic stops, but it is disputing Chambliss' version of events. It says its officer stopped to check on Chambliss' safety and wasn't yelling at all.

But Chambliss says that's simply not true.

"He seemed so angry, I was concerned that he would come over here and harm me or my family," Chambliss said.

The marshal's office says it will be available to comment on the case Monday, but didn't want to go on camera Friday. And even though the office is looking into what happened internally, it seems to be taking the marshal's version of the story, which is that nothing was out of the ordinary.

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