Court appearance for teens accused of murdering homeless man for $1


Pedro Ramos, 32, was fatally shot and robbed of the $1 in cash he had on him. The shooting happened along Hempstead Highway on April 4.

Four teens are now charged with capital murder in Ramos' death: Carlos Fernandez, 18, Marilyn Villareal, 18 and Michael Correa, 17, and a juvenile suspect who is a 16-year-old girl. Prosecutors say the suspects had a plan that night to go out and get money.

"Their agreement was to go and try and find some prostitutes to rob over in the area of Hempstead and 34th. When they didn't find the prostitutes that they wanted to rob, they saw a couple of individuals standing outside, one of them being our victim, Mr. Ramos," said prosecutor Beth Shipley.

Prosecutors say a tip from someone who knew the suspects is what eventually led to their arrests.

Fernandez, the alleged shooter, is also charged with several other aggravated robberies that happened in the days after Ramos' murder, prosecutors allege.

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