Rains cause flooding in Sweeny area


The water overflowed ditches and creeks in Sweeny after heavy rain moved into the area early in the day. By afternoon, neighbors were left to clean up as the water level began to drop. Some folks got pretty waterlogged trying to pull out stranded cars and trucks.

A number of residential streets were closed and neighbors spent the morning watching the water creep up the driveways.

One resident told us that when he left for work this morning, it was sprinkling. But by lunchtime, it was raining heavily, and that at around 1:30pm, the water was all the way up to the front door. He said it never did get inside the house though.

"Oh, it's good we didn't get flooded, we're not flooded. Water didn't get to the house," said resident Charlie Berry.

Residents at one apartment complex are also waiting for the water to recede, although the parking lot wasn't officially shut down.

Firefighters are allowing residents to get through to certain streets that had been closed due to high water. Other traffic is not being allowed through at this point.

The rain stopped around 3:30pm. Neighbors though tell us that the only other times it's flooded like this was during tropical storms, so it was a little bit of a surprise for them.

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