More than 100 arrested in drug smuggling crackdown


Houston and Harris County have long been a major distribution point for the smuggling of drugs, weapons and even people. This particular operation targeted the area of US Highway 90 and I-10 in east Harris County.

Local, state and federal authorities are trying to crack down on some of these distribution points that smugglers are using. In a two-day period over the weekend they stopped 900 vehicles, made more than 100 arrests and seized more than five pounds of cocaine, Vicodin, Xanax and methamphetamines. They also seized more than 11 pounds of marijuana, a stolen vehicle and three stolen guns.

On Monday morning, authorities said this is only the beginning. They are determined to stay vigilant.

"This great multi-force effort is a template for what's going to happen in the future with these gangs," explained Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos. "These gangs aren't just involved in drug smuggling - it's human trafficking, it's home invasions, it's extortion ... and so forth. We've sent a message to them. We're not going after crack pipes. We're making tactical strikes against their operations, their command and control and their transportation. Now they are afraid to go down that particular corridor. They're going to be afraid to go down every single corridor."

Many of these smugglers often work for the drug cartels. The cartels have been known to recruit local gang members in the Houston area to conduct a lot of their illegal business activity.

The Harris County District Attorney and Sheriff Adrian Garcia are determined to stay vigilant and conduct more crackdowns in the future.

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