The $12,000 menu replicating Titanic's last dinner

Hors d'oeuvres

--oysters a la Russe, canapes a l'amiral

>First course

--consomme Olga, port wine and beef consommT, Maine scallops, parsley, celeriac

Second course

--poached Scottish salmon, sauce mousseline, cucumber, caviar, chives

Third course

--filet medallions Lilli, seared foie gras, pomme Anna, artichokes, truffles, sauce Perigueux, chicken saute, sauce Lyonnais, stuffed zucchini

Fourth course

--roast rack of lamb, mint sauce, roast duck, apple puree, sirloin of beef, pomme chateaux, buttered green peas, creamed carrots, rice pilaf, pomme Parmentier, boiled new potatoes

Fifth course

--punch romaine

Sixth course

--roast Pennsylvania squab, water cress, herbed croute, bread sauce, game chips

Seventh course

--chilled asparagus vinaigrette, salad frisee, oranges, radish

Eighth course

--pate de foie gras, celery salad, toasted brioche, sauterne jelly

Ninth course

--Waldorf pudding, poached hill country peaches, chartreuse jelly, chocolate and vanilla Tclairs, french vanilla ice cream

Tenth course

--selection of Texas cheese, fresh seasonal tree and vine-ripened fruit

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