Police: Man shot during carjacking in N. Houston


It happened around 10:15pm at the Casa Real apartments on East Little York at Domino. She managed to fight them off, but while she was lucky, someone else wasn't.

That unlucky someone ended up at Ben Taub General Hospital after carjackers shot him in the leg and took off in his car. But the first person the two men approached fought back.

Jennifer Olivares was coming home from school and unlocking her front door in the casa real apartments late Thursday night when the unexpected happened.

"As soon as I opened it, one of the guys pulled me back out," Olivares said.

"Like how? Like by the neck?" we asked.

"No pulled me, just you know, pulled my whole body," she said.

The criminal justice major didn't have time to think.

"I just started screaming, and I screamed no and I just swung; I turned around and started swinging," Olivares said.

Her attacker demanded money. A second man stood right behind him, watching, as Olivares fought back.

"I had a cup in my hand so I hit him with the cup and that's when he hit me in the side of my head with the pistol that he had in his had," she said.

Olivares says both men ran towards the front of the apartment complex and moments later gunshots rang out. A young resident saw what happened next.

"They shot a guy in his leg and they left with the car," the witness told us.

Witnesses say the men carjacked a Mazda 626, leaving the car's owner with a gunshot wound. At last check, he was in stable condition.

The car was recovered eight miles away, burning under a bridge at Tidwell and Sherbourne. The men got away.

Olivares was checked out at the hospital too. She was fine, except for a bump on her head. She went to work Friday and she'll be back in her criminal justice classes next week.

"I'm still going to continue doing what I have to do. It doesn't change anything," she said.

The description Olivares was able to give was vague, only that one man was tall and skinny and the other was short and chunky.

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