Traffic stop leads to arrest of one of America's Most Wanted


On Tuesday, April 3, a Harris County Sheriff's deputy pulled over a vehicle in the 14300 block of Bellaire in southwest Harris County after noticing that the driver and a passenger were not wearing seat belts.

He asked both men for ID. The passenger said he didn't have one with him and gave a false name and date of birth. The deputy became suspicious and arrested the passenger for failure to identify to a peace officer.

When the passenger was booked, his fingerprints revealed identity was revealed and that he was wanted for murder out of Arlington, Texas.

Nam B. Tran, 25, was booked in to the Harris County Jail without incident. He has since been turned over to Arlington authorities.

"Something just didn't click," says Dep. Reyes about Tran's arrest. "Call it a gut feeling, but something told me something was wrong and that's why I got him arrested."

"A small traffic stop led to this," says Dep. Gomez. "I'm just glad he's off the streets."

"I'm proud of the work of these two deputies. They did what they were supposed to do, used their professional training, followed their instinct and put a dangerous criminal in the hands of police where he belongs," said Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

Nam Tran was wanted for fatally shooting a man at a bar in Arlington in July 2011. He was featured on the television program America's Most Wanted last month.

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