Mayor Parker delivers State of City address


She talked about Houston's continued growth, even during the recession.

"Every day, there are new Houstonians who arrive in this great city, already the most diverse city in the United States, with that faith in themselves and the faith in the opportunity that they know they'll find here in Houston," the mayor said at the Greater Houston Partnership's Annual luncheon.

Mayor Parker says she knew there would be challenges to running the city including hurricanes, fires and money issues, but she joked that she never expected last year's drought.

At Mayor Parker's plan for her next term, she says she has several priorities starting with jobs. The mayor touted Wednesday's news that Direct Energy would be moving its corporate headquarters to Houston and her Hire Houston First program, which encourages businesses to hire and contract locally.

Under the headline of infrastructure, there are 30 new street and drainage improvement projects planned, which will cost the city $250 million.

The mayor also talked about her plan for improving public safety. She is calling for the creation of an independent forensics science center, separate from police and prosecutors.

And, as for the biggest issue -- the budget -- the mayor says she wants to take a hard look at the pension system for city workers. As you might guess, that will be a tough battle.

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