Vehicle smashes into Pearland learning center


Shortly before 5pm Tuesday, authorities received a report that a driver had crashed into the Huntington Learning Center on FM 518 and Broadway in Pearland.

It was not the way Mackenzie Frieden expected her practice exam to go on Tuesday afternoon.

"The table I was writing on, it started to tip back on me from the car hitting it and I just caught it and pushed it back and they were yelling at me to get out of the room," she said.

SkyEye13 HD caught images of the scene just moments after the car hit the building.

A woman driving a small Chevrolet plowed into the Huntington Learning Center just before 5 pm. There were kids and teachers working inside at the time.

"This was an office for the director and normally she's in that office, and she would've been gone if she hadn't been teaching a student at the time," teacher Carol Krafka said.

The kids and teachers escaped out the back and stayed there until parents arrived.

Pearland police say the driver was older and may have had medical problems.

"She suffered some kind of a seizure, a medical condition of some kind. Nobody inside the building was hurt or injured," Pearland Police Department Lt. Javier Caballero said.

As for Frieden, she never finished her practice exam and won't have time to retake it.

"I have the SAT Saturday. I think I'm going to just work out of my booklet and go for it on Saturday," she said.

The driver was taken by LifeFlight to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

There is no word when the learning center might reopen.

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