New investigation underway in Waller family murder


It's been less than a month since the shootings, and the accused killer is in jail. Police say he'd threatened to attack a school. Now, someone has started an online account that has a new threat.

Parents are calling it scary, and authorities say it is no laughing matter.

It's the last thing parents in Waller ISD want to see right now.

"They need to find out who did this," said parent Angelina Narvaez.

But Waller police say last week that a scared parent dropped off a copy of this new Twitter page.

"This is over that boy that killed his family," Narvaez said.

On it was a picture of 22-year-old Trey Sesler, who's accused of shooting and killing his mother, father and older brother and planning a Columbine-style massacre at Waller High School. The new Twitter page shows Sesler holding a gun, followed by what investigators call a threatening post aimed at the high school.

The Twitter account has rattled the community again and has some wondering if it's a prank or if a copy cat is out there.

"Somebody else has got it in their mind, too. Somebody else is thinking the same thing too if they are printing it out," said Narvaez.

Waller police say with this Twitter post and the violent crime scene like they one they saw at Sesler's house, authorities are checking every possibility.

"Considering the incident that happened a couple of weeks ago here and considering that this may or may not be tied to it, but the information is directly from that type of incident, then we have to take it seriously," said Waller Police Chief Phil Rehak

Authorities have increased security at area schools and police have even double-checked on the suspect's computer capabilities while behind bars.

"I checked into that the best I could with that and I was informed that that could not happen, that he could not do that. He had no computer," said Chief Rehak.

Parents are still on edge and the community is hoping authorities will get to the bottom of this and avoid another tragedy.

"Find out who's doing it before it does get to where there's going to be a lot of funerals," Narvaez said.

Waller ISD released a statement Monday which read in part, "Waller ISD takes the safety of the students and staff very seriously and will continue to have increased visibility of law enforcement officials throughout the district. Waller ISD administration, faculty, and staff are committed to maintaining a safe school environment that is conducive to outstanding teaching and learning."

The district said the Harris County Sheriff's Office contacted Twitter and the account has been taken down. Investigators told us whoever is behind the Twitter account could face federal charges.

Right now, Sesler is locked up in the Waller County Jail and he hasn't had any internet access. Sesler's court-appointed attorney says his client was indicted on the murder charges last week. Sesler is expected to plead not guilty.

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