Large hail pounds Alvin, winds down trees


The hail was so bad it knocked out the windshield of a minivan, leaving glass scattered everywhere. Residents all over the city are cleaning up after an afternoon of wild weather.

Hail pelted parts Alvin just after 12:30pm. So much of it fell at once that it looked like snow as it began to coat lawns across the city. While it started out the size of a quarter, in some areas, the hail stones were the size of baseballs.

"It was just so quick, so fast and I don't know. It was just something that we've never seen before," resident Millie Gonzalez said.

"The size of my palm. The size of my palm. that's how big it was," resident Malissa Danley said.

Danley says the hail left dents all over her car, not to mention the damage it caused to the family's minivan. It shattered the back window into a thousand pieces. Fortunately, nobody was inside.

"I've never been in a hail storm before. I've never seen hail in my life and chances are I don't want to do it again," she said.

There also were several reports of downed trees in a few neighborhoods. City crews responded quickly.

Residents say they are used to strong thunderstorms but this one was unlike anything they have ever experienced.

"I hope my roof is not ruined, but it's insured," resident Walter Treadwell said.

We don't have an official rainfall total, but it's safe to say Alvin got a good soaking Wednesday.

Parts of Pearland also saw hail Wednesday, but we haven't had any reports of major damage.

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