Threat of violence leads to school lockdown


Jason Sifuentes was arrested at 9:15 Wednesday morning as he was leaving his home in the 900 block of Hector Avenue in Pasadena, approximately 1.3 miles from the Sam Rayburn campus, according to a Pasadena ISD spokesperson.

The arrest of Sifuentes followed a phone call notifying Pasadena police that an armed individual was threatening to harm to another individual on the Sam Rayburn campus. Pasadena ISD police were notified immediately. Units from both police departments were dispatched to Sifuentes' home, where he was taken into custody by Pasadena police.

Sifuentes was arrested within 15 minutes of the initial report while behind the wheel of his Ford Expedition in the driveway of his home. Charges against Sifuentes are based on a complaint that he broke into the home of a former girlfriend and stole a weapon.

A .22 caliber rifle was found in Sifuentes' vehicle at the time of his arrest, officials say.

A check of district records showed that Sifuentes has never been a student in the Pasadena ISD.

"Although the police report indicates that the individual arrested intended to harm one of our students, we must emphasize that the individual was never on the Sam Rayburn campus on Wednesday," said Al Carter, the district's Interim Director of Communications. "No weapon was brought to campus at any time."

No complete name of the intended victim was provided in the initial report to police. The identity of the person said to have been the intended victim is not yet known.

The Sam Rayburn campus was taken off lockdown at 10:22am following a thorough security sweep by Pasadena ISD police.

A police investigation is ongoing.

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